Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Richard Roybal Discusses His Role As an 'Army Advocate'

LNESC's own Executive Director, Richard Roybal, recently spoke with Forward March!, the US Army's newsletter with the mission of "strengthening our Hispanic communities and our soldiers." He discussed his role as an 'Army Advocate' and how LNESC and the Army help the Latino community, both individually and as a team.

Q: What motivates you to be an Advocate for the Army?
The Army strives to provide students from every background, regardless of race or economic circumstance, access to quality educational and professional opportunities, and this is something LNESC is wholeheartedly in favor of. With the persistence of educational inequalities in our society, it’s essential that organizations like the Army work to close achievement gaps. LNESC works hand-in-hand with the Army and advocates providing opportunities for youth around the United States.

Q: What has been your most interesting or memorable assignment, interaction or task as an Army Advocate?
My most memorable moment working with the Army was helping to develop a video that brought together LNESC and Hispanic youth to promote high school graduation and college enrollment. It was an example of the Army utilizing innovative tactics to encourage youth to excel and exceed in high school. I’ve always been struck by how forward-thinking the Army is when it comes to promoting education.

Q: Why do you feel it is important for community leaders to support the Army?
It’s important for community leaders to support the Army because it provides a much-needed avenue to educational and professional development at a time when more and more students are in need of these opportunities.

Q: What is your professional role in your community?
First and foremost, I’m an education advocate. I work in my community and the communities where LNESC centers are located to ensure that every student who wants a quality education has access to top-notch programs, whether through LNESC or at their local schools. Second, I’m a voice in Washington D.C., where LNESC is headquartered, for the high-need communities we serve throughout the United States. I work to ensure that our national partners, like the Army, are aware of critical educational issues facing Latino youth, whether that be access to SAT preparation or financial aid counseling.


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